Archetype Brand Design

Uncover your "real" brand, that's authentic and aligned, connects with the right audience, and expresses who you are and what you stand for.

Creating a brand that people love, remember and deeply connect with, and that just “feels right” is exciting.

There is no one “right” answer. Because every one is different.



Forget one-size-fit-all formulas that fit no-one perfectly. Instead, use Archetypes within an organic framework and creative process that allows you to uncover and weave you own unique brand.

When you delve into the intrinsic power and philosophies of archetypes you’ll define your essence and design a truly unique and aligned brand with meaning and purpose.

The end result – A clearly defined Brand that reflects who you are and what you stand for, that can be rolled out across your entire business, within a matter of days.

Archetype Brand Design will help you...

Discovering your “Archetype Mix” and “Brand Essence” can be a giant relief. When you know you have a brand that is totally aligned with who you are and what you stand for, you can be confident that the right audience will be attracted to you, your products and the value you have to offer the world.

This program will help you:

What Will I Learn?

The program takes you through a creative process that taps into the essence of who you really are. You’ll identify your own unique archetypal characteristics, and get to evolve your brand naturally and organically, at your own pace in a way that works for you…. so that you love it!




How It's Broken Down
















SHOW - MODULE 01: Brand Basics +

This module introduces you to branding and the role it plays in creating a conscious and Evolved Business. You will learn fundamental concepts that underpin this work:

  • 7 Business Elements - Understand the the 7 elements that must co-exist to create a business, and exactly where brand fits in.
  • Brand Basics – Learn what branding really is and the simple, fundamental concepts to create your own unique brand.
SHOW - MODULE 02: Archetype Mix +

Discover archetypes as a tool for creating a brand concept and developing your unique business and brand. Module 02 module includes:

  • Archetypes - Learn about archetypes from ancient philosophy through to modern day psychology and how they endure the test of time as an intrinsic part of the human psyche. Understand why archetypes are the key to creating a congruent business that aligns with who you are, and connecting with your audience.
  • Archetype Mix - Discover your own Major and Minor Archetypes and the power of combining them into your unique Archetype Mix.
SHOW - MODULE 03: Brand Development +

Draw from your Archetype Mix in a free and creative process to elicit your unique Brand Personality in words and images.

  • Pinterest Archetype Board - Develop your Archetype Board using Pinterest as a visual representation of what your Archetype Mix means to you. Start to see your essence emerging in front of you.
  • Brand Personality – Draw from your Archetype Board and start to define your Brand Personality and your Brand Essence in words that resonate.
  • Business Name + Brand Summary - From all the work you’ve done, you will very quickly be able to identify or refine your Business Name (if you don’t already have it) and one-page brand summary.
  • Mood Board - Consolidate your ideas into one single snapshot that defines your style.
SHOW - MODULE 04: Brand Design +

In this final module, you’ll see your actual Brand take shape.

  • Brand Identity - Learn the key Design Elements and how they will express your visual brand.
  • Colours - Learn colour philosophy and psychology and extract the colour palette that resonates with you and your audience.
  • Typography - Understand the basics of typography, and select the fonts that define who you are.
  • Logo - Learn the three types of logos, choose the best one for your business and, get it made!
  • Images - Identify the perfect images for your unique brand and start your image library.
  • Brand Board - Bring it all together in a one-page snapshot of your brand, that can be rolled out immediately!
SHOW - MODULE 05: What Next? +

With an aligned brand, you can now consider your next step and what you need to do to align your business in all 7 areas and create something that you love, and that that makes a difference.

Who IS This For?

If you find your self resonating with any of the following, then this program is for you...

Who ISN'T This For?

This program is NOT for you (and that’s totally OK) if:

What Will I Get?

When you join ESSENCE Archetype Brand Design you will receive the following:

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What People Are Saying

Here's what people are saying about working with Liz...

Liz’s breadth and depth on topics she presents is amazing. She has a knack of taking complex topics and presenting them in a simple, easy to digest format, that you can understand and implement immediately in your own life. Liz’s coaching style is compassionate, direct and always gets to the heart of the matter.

I highly recommend working with Liz, if you want to take your life and your business to the next level, are willing for some ‘tough love’ coaching and you’re prepared to put in the work to make the changes.

Sue Moore
Sue Moore Run Sue Run

Liz has a passion for inspiring others to reach their fullest potential, and has a wealth of experience and expertise to back it up.  Never satisfied with the status quo, she is always looking for new ways to add value to her clients; providing both practical and usable tools, combined with exceptional guidance and support.

I have had enormous benefit in my own business as a result of Liz’s influence and coaching.  If you're looking to make your possibilities a reality, I would highly recommend Liz!

~ Kerry Aldridge (The Seventh Level)

Kerry Aldridge
Kerry Aldridge The Seventh Level

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’ve done every thing I can to make this the simplest brand design program.

I know it works because the philosophies that underpin this work are thousands of years old.

However, if you’re not entirely convinced, purchase ESSENCE Business Brand Design and try it for 30 days.

If for some reason, any reason, you don’t like it or want it, just send me an email and I’ll give you your full money back.

No questions asked. That’s how much I believe in this work.

Frequently Asked Questions

SHOW - Am I wasting my time? I’ve invested so much on programs that gave me no return. +

It’s most likely you’ve been trying to squeeze your self into “one-size-fits-all boxes that just don’t work for your personality. It doesn’t feel that great.

This whole approach is about exploring your unique personality, strengths and characteristics to create a brand that is aligned and congruent with who you are.

You can be who you are, and create a business easily, without having to fight to be someone you’re not.

SHOW - How does an online program work? +

An online program allows you to study and work in the privacy and comfort of your own home – at a time that suits you!

You’ll receive an email with your membership details and access to the content for the entire program, as well as some follow up emails over the next couple of weeks – just to see how you’re going. It’s designed over 5 days but take as long as you like!

Once you’ve finished the program, you’ll have ongoing access to the content for the life of the program, so that you can review it at your leisure.

SHOW - I need to check with my husband/ partner/ best friend/ psychic… +

This whole process is about learning to understand who you are at your essence and to trust what you know to be true at your core.

If this is resonating with you, do it.

If you have to check with someone else if this is the right thing for you, then maybe this work is not right for you quite yet, and that’s OK.

SHOW - I still need to know more Liz +

I’ve done my very best to give you every thing you need to know about this program on this page.

If you still really need to know more, then send me an email with the question you need answered at

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